New patients

The first visit to a new practice can be quite a daunting experience but we want to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Often new patients can feel very embarrassed about their teeth but always remember there is not a lot we haven’t seen over our years of experience.

Our new patient examination appointment usually lasts for approximately 20-30 minutes and we like to achieve three aims.

Firstly we introduce ourselves to the patient and enquire about the reasons for choosing us and about the past dental experiences.

Secondly, we will carry out thorough examination of the mouth using our 10 point dental health check.

Thirdly, we will discuss the findings of the examination and discuss any proposed treatment. We will always discuss any options of treatment available to you. Our ultimate aim is to meet your expectations and provide you with a healthy mouth you can look after.

A written treatment plan will be provided ensuring that we have explained the proposed treatment, timings and costs in detail. In some cases, extra visits may be required if the treatment is going to be extensive or if there are multiple alternatives to the treatment available.

We believe in patient empowerment and aim to help you what treatment is in your best interests. It is very important to us that we clearly explain what can be done and that you are happy with the choice made.

Ten Point Dental Health Check

Dental check up
  1. Medical Check We check your general health to ensure our treatment will be safe and whether there any problems which could affect your mouth or problems in your mouth which could affect your general health?
  2. Life style risks: Do you smoke or drink or suffer from stress.
  3. Oral Hygiene: Do you brush your teeth regularly and clean between them effectively?
  4. Diet: Is the food or drink you consume having an affect on your teeth?
  5. Head & Neck Examination: Are there any lumps or bumps that are of concern? Are there any signs of throat or skin cancer?
  6. Jaw Joint Check: do they move smoothly and silently? Is there any pain, locks or clicks?
  7. Soft tissue check (e.g. tongue, lips, cheeks)  are they healthy and free from signs of cancer?
  8. Teeth and restorations: are they healthy or are their signs of decay or excessive tooth wear?
  9. Gum check: Are your gums pink & healthy or are there signs of gum disease?
  10. Investigations: such as x-rays, photos, models to help identify any hidden problems
We are always delighted to welcome new patients