Guide to our fees


Band 1 (£26.80) Treatment that includes exam, x-rays, photographs and all investigations required for a full examination.

Band 2 (£73.50) As for Band 1 but also includes any number of fillings, root canal treatments, periodontal (hygienist) treatment and anything else which does not include laboratory made items.

Band 3 (£319.10) As for Band 2 but includes laboratory made items such as crowns, dentures, veneers etc.
There are restrictions as to what treatments are available under the NHS. Cosmetic treatment, white fillings, implants or treatments which are not recommended to get your mouth healthy are not available on the NHS.

Urgent - £26.80



New patient consultation, examination & treatment planning (radiographs excluded) £75
Routine examination £60
Intraoral radiograph (small X-ray) £12 each
Study Models £40
Composite (tooth-coloured) filling £105 - £165
Amalgam filling From £75
Laboratory made composite filling £445
Gold Inlay £425 + cost of gold
Composite Bonding (per tooth) £185
Porcelain Bonded Crown (metal based crown with a tooth-coloured porcelain cover) £475
All Ceramic Crown (no metal, gives the best appearance ) £550
All Gold Crown £550
Porcelain Veneer £450
All ceramic veneer £495
Post/Core £175
Bridges (all prices are per tooth on the bridge)
Porcelain Bonded Bridge From £425/tooth
All Ceramic Bridge £495/tooth
Metal Based Adhesive Bridge £300 per tooth + £150 per wing
Metal Free/Ceramic Adhesive Bridge £375 per tooth + £175 per wing
1st Tooth From £95
Additional tooth (at same visit) From £75
Surgical Extraction From £175
Full upper or lower dentures From £575
Full upper and lower dentures From £750
Cobalt Chromium (metal) From £925
Valplast (flexible) denture From £975
Root Canal Treatment (filling excluded)
Incisor/canine £325
Premolar £395
Molars £425
Tooth Whitening
Day White home bleaching (includes bleaching trays & 3 tubes of bleach) £315
Zoom (in surgery) £395
Zoom (inc. maintenance kit) £545
Hygienist Services
30 minute consultation including scaling, polishing & oral hygiene advice £59
Airflow Polishing £65
Implant scaling & maintenance inc. Airflow £70
Sports Mouth Guard - One colour £80
Sports Mouth Guard - Two colours £95
Re-cement Crown £55
Temporary Filling £50
Unregistered Emergency appt supplement  for same day appointment
(additional treatment costs also apply)




We accept cash, debit cards (NHS & private treatment), credit cards (private treatment) and bank/building society cheques. We no longer accept personal cheques.

Missed appointments

In order to maintain our standards during these times of increased financial pressure on the NHS we have to adopt a very firm policy regarding non-attendance as surgery time is lost and could have been filled by other attending patients who could have had their treatment sooner

“Failure to attend” means any of the following:

  • Not arriving for an appointment
  • Arriving too late for an appointment
  • Not giving enough notice of not being able to attend*

*We ask for at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation for dental appointments and at least 48 hours’ notice for hygiene appointments.

NHS Appointments: We are not allowed to charge for NHS missed appointments and therefore if an NHS appointment is missed we reserve the right to cancel all remaining appointments without notification. If an appointment is missed and the practice is not contacted within 48hours afterwards we will terminate that NHS course of treatment and there may be additional NHS charges to recommence the treatment. Unfortunately if a patient repeatedly misses appointments we will reluctantly no longer be in a position to offer further NHS appointments .

Private Appointments: Hygienist appointments which are missed will be charged at the full hygienist appointment rate. Missed dentist appointments will be charged at a rate dependant on the appointment length and practice costs.

In order to reduce the numbers of missed appointments we will email a confirmation of the appointment at time of booking and also send a reminder up to 1 week before. Many of our existing patients find this service very useful and it helps reduce the number of missed appointments which benefits everyone!

We are always delighted to welcome new patients