Patient safety

We always put the safety of our patients as our priority. Where possible we use as many disposable instruments as we can to ensure there is no risk from contamination.

Where instruments have to be sterilised we have a dedicated Local Decontamination Unit with the most up to date cleaning and sterilising equipment. All of our instruments undergo a thorough 7 point check when being sterilised:

  • Manual washing
  • Visual inspection under a magnifying glass
  • Additional cleaning in an automatic washer-disinfector
  • Second inspection under a magnifying glass
  • Sterilisation in an autoclave
  • Final visual inspection
  • Instrument bagging to prevent any decontamination during storage

Our Lead Decontamination Nurse Charlotte Knowles oversees this process and ensures that we are kept up to date and follow the latest Department of Health Guidelines for decontamination of dental instruments (HTM 01-05). To ensure our standards are maintained we regularly audit our processes and these are available upon request.

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