Tooth whitening in St Helens

What is tooth whitening?

It’s an oxidising process that lightens the colour of enamel and dentine. We are pleased to offer the Day White “bleaching tray” system which meets all current EU regulations

What causes tooth discolouration?

There are many causes including ageing, drinking coffee, tea, coke and red wine, smoking, tetracycline staining, dead teeth and old silver fillings. Some people have naturally darker teeth. As teeth age microscopic cracks develop in the enamel of the teeth which can allow stains into the surface of the tooth.


teeth whitening

Tooth Whitening FAQs

Who can benefit from tooth whitening?

Almost everyone. Teeth tend to change shade with age. These changes can be reversed with whitening. Stains in the grey spectrum (such as tetracycline antibiotic staining) can be more stubborn (but still possible) to treat. However there are some cases where the treatment may not be appropriate. Tooth whitening will not change the colour of existing fillings or crowns. So if you have a lot of fillings or crowns at the front of your mouth another cosmetic procedure may give you a better result. Additionally if you are considering new crowns and whitening it is best to whiten the teeth first and then match the new crowns/ veneers to the new lighter colour. The tooth whitening system is ideal for patients who have healthy un-restored teeth and would like to have a brighter smile.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Yes. Research has shown that whitening teeth is safe for the gums and teeth under the supervision of a dentist.

Are there any side effects?

Some people experience increased tooth sensitivity to cold during treatment. These symptoms can be controlled and always disappear within 1-3 days after interruption or completion of the treatment.

How long will the results last?

Your teeth will always be lighter than they were. However you may need periodic ‘touch ups’ for one or two especially if you continue to smoke or drink coffee, red wine etc. If you have opted for the Day White system you can use your original trays and should you need further whitening gel we can provide this for you at a reduced cost. Also you can give yourself a short course to lighten your teeth just before that special night out!

How do you do it?

Tray Whiteneing

Bleaching trays are constructed from impressions of your mouth. Into these trays you apply the whitening agent and wear them over your teeth for 1hr twice per day. The normal course takes 2 weeks but you can wear them more or less often to achieve the desired result. Additionally they are reusable so you just need to purchase more bleach if you wish to repeat the course in the future.

Zoom (In Surgery) Whitening

We paint a coating of whitening agent directly onto your teeth and then a high intensity light is applied for 15 minutes to activate the agent. This is rinsed off and re-applied a further 3 times to ensure a bright white smile is achieved in just one visit to the surgery.

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